Web Audio Experiments

Freeverb app

Web Audio implementation of Freeverb delay effect for live input.


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freeverb app screenshot

Loop app

Record and loop multiple audio tracks. Comes with colorful UI.


loop app screenshot

Memory app

Memory game but then with sounds


loop app screenshot

Tape app

An experiment with tape delay and world music inspired by Thyme effects processor.


tape app screenshot

Visualizer app

Some experiments with visualizing music and speech using Web Audio and Canvas. Meyda.js in used to extract audio features.


Angry rays

Each ray length is controlled by how much of certain frequency there is in the signal (FFT coefficients). Other parameters like circle radius and "zig-zagginess" of the rays are based on RMS.

angry rays screenshot

Voice shape app

The idea here is to create a shape which represents voice characteristics. Each angle of the shape shows a Mel coefficient. These are often used in speaker recognition. Shape color is defined by how high or low the voice is (spectral centroid). Finally shape size is based on perceived loudness of the sound.


voice shape screenshot